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Zipbolt UT Rail Bolt (13.610) 2 Pack

Zipbolt UT Rail Bolt (13.610) 2 Pack

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This Blister Pack contains: 2 Zipbolt UT Rail Bolt Kits 98mm (13.600), 1 Hex 5mm x 50mm (40.410) driver, 2 - 1" Wooden Plugs as well as installation instructions on back of pack.

The Zip Bolt UT Gear Driven Rail Bolt uses the same boring configuration as bolts that have been used for centuries past, but with a very big difference. The use of a heavy-duty threaded insert, bolt, and a new type of gear driven nut assembly simplifies the whole process of joining the parts together. This bolt will help you save time and money and the design is inspired by stair builders, for stair builders.


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