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Zipbolt Maxi Miter 8mm x 135mm (11.600) 2 Pack

Zipbolt Maxi Miter 8mm x 135mm (11.600) 2 Pack

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Package contains: 

2- #11.600 Maxi Miter bolts and gear heads
2- 1" Diameter Red Oak plugs
1- 5 mm Hex Driver
1 Spec Sheet

Zipbolt UT #11.600 - Miter connectors are the ideal solution for angle joints and are suitable for a variety of application from furniture construction to staircase designs. The UT Miter is truly flexible by allowing any angle between 90 and 180 degrees but with distinct advantages that allow the shaft to pass through the back of the housing providing travel and permitting the joint to be recut if necessary. The UT Miter features two diecast housings and allows the user adjustment to create a perfect joint; each housing has an Open Channel for simply placing over the shaft for easy thread engagement and positioning at the correct height.


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