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Zipbolt Universal Drill Guide (40.280)

Zipbolt Universal Drill Guide (40.280)

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The Zipbolt 40.280 Universal Drill Guide is the must have installation accessory when installing Zipbolt products

Simplifies the process of installing your Zipbolt hardware

Drill guide has hardened steel inserts for increased durability, holes are lettered for easy reference when drilling

Drill bits consist of High Speed Steel, 25mm forstner bit tipped with tungsten carbide

The guide allows the user to preform alignment of critical hole positions for ease of installation with models listed.

Compatible with Zipbolt 10.820, 11.550, 11.560, 11.600, 11.700, 11.720, 12.500, 12.700, 12.720, 13.500, 13.520, 13.600, 13.610, 13.801, 13.810, 13.900, 13.950, and 13.960


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